Digital advertising

What is digital advertising and how can it benefit my business?

Digital advertising is one of the tools of the 21st century that helps businesses launch their sales into the sky. With it, you can specifically target your segment and make sure your ad is shown to the right people. Thanks to digital advertising, you will be able to effectively reach a larger audience than ever by bringing your products or services to the Internet, where there are more people looking for information about what your company does.

Digital advertising is the key to supporting the growth of your business, but many business owners simply do not know who to turn to or do not have enough time to use the Internet to their advantage.

Digital marketing is definitely the best option for small and medium businesses. You can save money and reach more customers for less money than traditional marketing methods. Internet advertising is many times cheaper and more effective. For example, with the help of advertising for about 10 levs, we can reach between 5 – 10 thousand people. Digital advertising gives you the opportunity to meet your audience and users will be able to contact you directly, which helps build a brand.

When you have a social media account, it’s easier than ever to announce the latest promotion or show some of your work to your customers. Social networks provide an opportunity to evaluate your services, which creates transparency between you and your customers, and in itself this is ideal for your brand.

There is no other platform that offers such detailed and specific targeting of ads as Facebook Ads. Also, Facebook ads are quite cheap compared to other platforms. No matter the industry or the form of advertising.

Only Facebook Ads gives you the opportunity to choose so precisely. Anyone who has never been involved in Facebook advertising will initially be overwhelmed by the many options available.

Instagram is a social network for photos, with which companies build an image, thanks to the photos they upload. With Instagram ads, you can create content in addition to regular posts, which increase the number of users you reach.

Advertising on Instagram provides a field for expressing your creativity with visual elements, thanks to which you can attract many new customers.

But it's not just big corporations that find Instagram advertising a good tool. Smaller companies also use Instagram ads to present their products and services to potential buyers. The advantage of small companies' Instagram accounts is that the content they publish and advertise is much more personal and individual. Therefore, they are in a more direct dialogue with their customers.

The platform on which it can be advertised again is - LinkedIn. Advertising on their platform is gaining more and more popularity among marketers. What distinguishes them is that the advertising campaigns there have a high success rate. The reason for this is that most consumers are there for work and business. Advertising is a bit more expensive, so we at SiteCity don't think LinkedIn advertising is for everyone.

LinkedIn advertising can bring huge growth in the profits of more corporate-oriented products or services. You can contact us at any time to find out if LinkedIn advertising is right for you and together we can develop a strategy to achieve your goals!

YouTube is one of the most used video sharing platforms and advertising in it gives quite good results because it is video. The video engages the audience, is not static, which means that it holds the attention and used properly can have a unique effect on your sales!

Have a video, but don't know how to choose the right audience to advertise on YouTube? We can help!

Waze advertising is something new, but we think it has great potential. Waze is a navigation and definitely worth advertising there if you have a physical store or place that can be visited by customers.

Their algorithm allows drivers to see your business when they drive their cars through your physical address or go to the top of the Waze search engine when someone searches for a service.

Waze is not yet a much researched advertising tool, so now there is an opportunity to create great advertising for little money and achieve very good results.

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