Website development

The website is the face of your business in the digital world. No matter what niche you are in, the site is never in excess. Through it, your customers learn more about your company and products and services. We live in a digital age in which every serious business has a website, because it reinforces the digital presence, and the benefits are many. An example of how much a website is needed is the fact that buyers first visit a website before visiting it.

What are the benefits of having a website?


Definitely the company website gives a much more professional look to your business. This is the place that makes you stand out among buyers. It has been proven that people trust businesses that have a website much more than just a social media profile. With a professional website, there is no better way than to tell your customers that you are a reputable business. Even a better website design would make a buyer choose you over one of your competitors.

Opportunity to attract new customers

Once you are online, buyers will be able to get to know your products or services, which means more potential customers. There, in addition to your products and services, buyers will be able to find your physical address.

If you SEO optimize your website, you will be able to rank higher in the Google search engine and thus the possibility of reaching new customers increases several times.

Building trust

One of the best places to showcase the uniqueness of your business is your website. There you will have the opportunity to show how you differ from the competition, part of your work, large clients you have worked with, thus building the trust of your audience.

Trust is good business practice.
Джим Бласингейм
Jim Blasingham
Business expert

Website development by SiteCity

Modern design

The design of a site is extremely important for users, as 38% of them will leave the site if the design is not attractive.

Lightness and speed

One of our main focuses is to create a light and fast site, which is good for both the user and the search engine.

Low price

We believe that we can achieve the results you want without having to give thousands.

Frequently asked questions when creating a website

How long does it take to build a website?

After we hold a meeting or online conversation and specify the most important details about the site and its content, the development takes from 7 to 10 days. Of course, after we build part of the project, we contact you to make sure we are on the right track. Your commitment during this time is extremely small, because we know that it is better to focus on your core business responsibilities.

How long is the content of the pages included in the price?

In the price for creating a website, you have included 5 web pages. The price includes up to 300 words per page, and of course we can add more, but this is paid extra.

On what platform do you build websites?

We create sites on the WordPress platform. It gives us the opportunity to work quickly and flexibly. Extremely light and easy to operate and thanks to this we give the best to our customers.